Managing your bank accounts has never been easier with First Merchant Bank’s Personal Online & Mobile Banking. Get secure access to account information, plus enhanced tools like credit information, credit alerts automated account alerts, mobile deposit, e-billing and more.

Online & Mobile Banking Features

Through Online & Mobile Banking, you’ll get the day-to-day account information you need as well as seamless access to financial tools to help manage your finances and plan for the future.
  • View transactions, make transfers and deposit checks.
  • Increased security with two-factor authentication, which will confirm your identity through a code to your mobile device, phone call or personal security questions when you login for the first time from a new device or unknown internet connection. Learn more about this process.
  • See account balances at a glance on mobile with Fast Balances.
  • Submit notices of upcoming travel electronically to ensure your debit card(s) still work beyond the tri-state area.
  • View deposit images in account activity.
  • Enroll and view eStatements for eligible accounts (available in Online Banking only).
  • Export transaction history to Money, Quicken or Quickbooks financial management software.
  • Access to your credit card account through


  • Set up enhanced account alerts based on your preferences.

Bill Pay & E-Billing

  • Set up bill payments to make paying your bills easy.
  • Schedule payments for their due date - we'll take care of making the payment either electronically or by check. You just need to deduct the payment amount from your checking account balance.
  • We partner with Check Free to process Online Banking bill pay requests. Get questions about the Check Free bill pay process.
  • Enroll for electronic bill delivery from companies that offer this service.

Credit Score

A tool to help better educate you on your credit score with advice on how to improve it.
  • Access to credit score and credit report.
  • View your personal credit analysis.
  • See recent inquiries on your credit – be proactive in monitoring any attempted fraud.
  • Set credit monitoring alerts.
  • Read credit education and more.

Secure Messaging - Two Ways

  • Send a secure message to Electronic Banking if you have questions in your Profile section.
  • In your Account Activity Screen, click or press the green question mark icon next to a specific transaction to send a message. Your transaction information will automatically populate in the message.


A free tool for managing your personal finances, available on desktop. With Spending, you can:
  • See all your finances in one spot, including First Merchant Bank accounts and accounts you hold at other financial institutions.
  • Create custom categories to help you see spending habits.
  • Track budget and goal progress against your personal targets using simple income and expense categories as well as monthly cash flow.
  • Use charts, graphs and advanced search capabilities to make monitoring and analyzing your account activity simple.
Spending helps you gain greater insight into your day-to-day expenses as well as manage your savings and other financial accounts. To get started, click on the Spending tab once you've logged in.

Zelle ®

Zelle is a convenient way to send money using your mobile banking app or online banking account. Learn more about Zelle.

Get Started with Online & Mobile Banking

If you’d like to access your First Merchant Bank accounts through Online & Mobile Banking, you’ll need to register for an account following the steps below. Separate access is not required for Online Banking and Mobile Banking. Once you have registered through one, you’re able to use the same credentials for the other.

How to Register Online

  1. Click here to begin your registration.
  2. Enter the information needed to set up your account and create a username and complex password.
  3. Follow the prompts provided to confirm your personal information.

How to Register through the Mobile App

  1. Download the First Merchant Bank Mobile Banking app.
  2. Enter the information needed to set up your account and create a username and complex password.
  3. Follow the prompts provided to confirm your personal information. 

Tips for the First Time You Log In

Here are a few areas we would recommend reviewing after you log in to Online & Mobile Banking the first time:

Frequently Asked Questions & More 

Yes, First Merchant Bank offers text banking on your mobile device.
  • Free, easy-to-use, secure mobile access to your account information on your mobile device
  • A convenient way to check balances, view recent transactions and transfer funds
Enroll for Text Banking: Enroll through Online Banking, under Profile Updates. Select the accounts you wish to enable for Text Banking, set your mobile account nicknames, and select your primary account. You're ready to go!  

Quick Guide to Text Messaging (SMS) Commands when texting to 98662
Inquiry Text Command
Balance Inquiry for primary checking or savings account
Balance Inquiry specific account
B <nickname>
example: balance My Checking
Balance Inquiry for all accounts
B all
History (last 5 transactions) H
History for specific account
H <nickname>
example: hist My Checking
Next five historical transactions
example: hist, more
See account nicknames
See a list of all text commands help
Unsubscribe from Text Banking

Yes. With Telephone Banking, you can transfer funds between accounts and access account information 24-hours a day by calling (888) 457-3444. Our convenient Telephone Banking service will walk you through the process to self-enroll.

Access Mobile Deposit with the latest version of the Merchants Mobile Banking app.

  1. From the menu, select Deposits.
  2. Select Account.
  3. Enter the Amount.
  4. Snap a Picture / Endorse Your Check.
    Take a clear picture of the check front, then flip it over. Endorse the check “For Deposit Only to First Merchant Bank” and then take a picture of the back of the check.
  5. Choose the Deposit button.
  6. Confirmation.
  • $2,500 limit per check.
  • $2,500 mobile deposit limit per day.
  • May deposit up to 10 checks per day.
  • $5,000 mobile deposit limit per month.
  • May deposit up to 20 checks per month.
  • Limits are not independent of each other. For example, if you deposit 10 checks for $100 each in one day, you have reached your per day limit of 10 checks even though you have not reached your total daily mobile deposit limit of $2,500.
Two-factor authentication is a security enhancement that will confirm your identity through a code to your mobile device, phone call or personal security questions when you login for the first time from a new device or unknown internet connection. Learn more about this process.
Our Online Banking system adapts to whichever device you use to log in, whether that's a computer, tablet or mobile phone. This adaptation, also known as responsive design, can affect how you are able to access the menu.

If you log in on your computer and the menu seems to have disappeared or collapsed into three white bars on the right side of your screen, you may need to adjust the size of your browser. To do this find the Zoom option in your browser menu or press the CTRL and minus or plus keys on your keyboard at the same time.

To zoom in: CTRL and +
To zoom out: CTRL and -
At this time, eStatements can be viewed when you access Online Banking through your computer/desktop. Sign in Online Banking using your computer now to view.

Merchants Mobile Banking is free, however, text or data charges may be imposed by your mobile provider. Check your plan for details. Your carrier may limit access outside the U.S.